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ATIS Help Desk

The single point of contact for all questions and problems concerning the use and operation of the ALMS, DDTC or DTFs. SUBMIT A TROUBLE TICKET or call toll free: 1-877-251-0730.

Our goal is to provide a quality customer support service by the highest degree of responsiveness and efficiency. This is accomplished through multi-level of service, technology, and effective problem management.

Functional Components:

The Help Desk has three functional components, represented by support personnel from the organization best suited to receive, process, and provide responses to queries within their area of responsibility.

  • PD DLS: Technical Support pertaining to DLS assets (hardware, software, facilities)

  • ATSC: Technical and Functional Support pertaining to TRADOC- and DCSOPS&T-level topics, the Army Training Information System (ATIS) components and architecture, and ATSC-managed programs and systems.

  • Proponent Organization: Technical and Functional Support pertaining to course-specific issues proponent-based training products, content, and associated doctrine.

The "Proponent Organization" component consists of multiple organizations, each handling queries within the scope of their proponent or functional areas, while the DLS and ATSC ATHD components remain fixed.

ATSC provides the access point "portal" to ATHD for Army training community and performs the initial routing function that determines the solution path for each query received. As examples, if one of the ATHD portals receives a user query about radio equipment specifications, ATSC routes it to ATHD’s Signal component at Ft. Gordon; an artillery-related question would go to ATHD personnel at Fort Sill; a report of a malfunction in a DTF in USAREUR is forwarded to the ATHD DLS component for action; and ATSC would use its own internal routing procedures to address a collective training task problem.