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Deployed Digital Training Campus - DDTC


What is a DDTC?

A deployable computer lab for Soldier training...

The DDTC is a deployable networked classroom enabling group or individual instruction through Video Tele-training (VTT), interactive multi-media (IMI), web-based instruction, individual collaboration, and professional development training.  This is includes access to current Distributed Learning (DL) products and constructive simulations.  The DDTC provides a means for the current institutional training base to deliver proponent approved dL training products and services to deployed forces worldwide and to provide a flexible means to meet surge training requirements to deploying or redeploying forces.  The DDTC program supports unit and individual readiness by delivering DDTCs to brigades in the Ready Force during pre-deployment.

The DDTC provides:

  • Web-access to career training and course credit
  • Real-time instruction (e.g. Structured Self-Development-I, III & IV courses) via VTT
  • Access to Learning Management Systems
  • Access to Army e-Learning and ACCP courses
  • Continuance of online college degree programs
  • Reach-back capabilities to Army Proponent Schools
  • Shared training, lessons learned, and “battle handoff”
  • Unclassified training requirements
  • Wide-area & local-area access to collaboration applications
  • Virtual Battlespace 3 (VBS3)
  • Basic Leader Course and Battlestaff (via U.S. Army Seargent Major Accademy)

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